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 Rivertown VS Plant

Rivertown is the love child of Shrewsbury’s infamous duo Chris Burt & Kirstie Lewis. With Chris’ 20+ years experience in the chef world and Kirstie’s keen eye for detail, this pair make the perfect team when it comes to events!

I got to know Chris and Kirstie when I went to joined them at The Peach Tree in 2017 but within a month all 3 of us had moved to The Mytton and Mermaid in Atcham to take over the management team. The rest of that is history and along that journey we have become great friends.

Rivertown is known for being very carnivorous but Chris and I decided one night that we needed to do something that was more ‘Toyah Emily” alas, Rivertown VS Plant was born. Plant of course being a purely plant based affair!

Together Chris and I create 7-9 course taster menu’s that really are quite the show piece. We have so far sold out two events & are looking to host our 3rd. Do you have the perfect venue for us or an event coming up? Contact me if you would like more information on how we can arrange it.