I love to bake things that make you go “Mmm”



Brownies are one of my favourite treats, there is something really indulgent about them & they really are so versatile. Each tray is designed to give you 12 portions - though you have control of portion size as leave them uncut! My brownies are baked in recyclable foil trays & are suitable for freezing.

Tray Cake.png

Tray Cakes

Tray cakes are perfect for if you don’t want to have something too big but cake definitely has to be involved! Great for children’s parties, “cut” cakes for weddings or just simply as pudding! They freeze well so are great for if you just want to have cake to hand! The trays come uncut with a recommended serving of 15.



The party don’t start til the cake walks in. I specialise in naked, buttercream and drip celebration cakes. They come in a whole range of sizes with lots of different flavours. Each and every one of them is carefully designed and baked with love.