Blondies & Brownies

From £20



- Original

- Chocolate Chip*



- Crunchy Biscoff Swirl*

- Peanut Butter Jelly

- Salted Pretzel

- Mint*

- Oreo*

- Pecan Crunch

-Double Chocolate



- Slutty (Cheesecake Base, rich brownie, oreos, more brownie, more oreos)*

- Rocky Road (Brownie, Biscuits, Cherries, Marshmallows)*

- S’moreish (Cheesecake base, rich brownie, marshmallow top)*

- Raspberry & Blueberry (Blondie Only)

-YAAS Queen (Party Rings, Pink Wafers - Blondie Only)


All of our brownies are suitable for Vegans. They all contain gluten and those marked with * also contain soya.

Some of our brownies do contain whole nuts - please ask before ordering.