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Business Owner & Head Baker

As a huge cake lover, I had been a hobby baker for years, often supplying the office with baked goodies! Sometimes my work colleagues would ask me to make them cakes for family occasions and pay me for them too. The feedback was always great and often I dreamed it would become my business! 

In 2015 I went vegan & found it super hard to find anywhere that did great coffee and vegan cake which of course, made me very sad.

During a 7 month stint living in Manchester, I discovered that such things did exist, but my home town was a little bit behind. I lulled the idea over for such a long time & eventually after taking a few steps, started baking cakes for some local plant based friends!

1 month in and I had my first cafe order - YAY! Since then I have grown a family of local cafés and restaurants who stock my bakes.

Now I strive to keep flavour at the forefront of my creations and use lots of different accidentally vegan goodies to make my bakes appealing to all - not just those following a plant based diet! My aim is to normalise veganism one person at a time.